Zero Waste Mending: Our New Collection Of Reclaimed Cashmere Yarn

Zero Waste Mending: Our New Collection Of Reclaimed Cashmere Yarn

Mending our clothes is one of the most effective ways of keeping our wardrobes sustainable. In recent years, thanks to the likes of Flora Collingwood-Noris and Orsola De Castro, there has been a really beautiful shift in mindset with folk turning to visible and invisible mending to fix or update their clothes instead of chucking and donating them.

When it comes to cashmere, mending can play an important part in its upkeep, whether that’s down to moths, rips or just general wear and tear. Because our cashmere is sourced mainly from textile recyclers (right before it’s shredded!), a lot of our pieces need mending, which we do using cashmere yarn we’ve unravelled from unfixable cashmere garments.

Cashmere mending

Reclaiming cashmere yarn instead of buying new completely removes our dependence on virgin resources, allowing us to revamp our knitwear using entirely waste materials. While this might slow down the growth of our cashmere yarn colour library and sometimes our ability to invisibly mend some pieces, we love the fact that our pieces are sourced and restored entirely from waste streams - helping us to keep our footprint small while actively reducing and reinventing waste! Over the last 18 months, we’ve rescued over 120 kilos of cashmere from textile recycling with around 15% unravelled into yarn!

With all this in mind, we’ve released a small collection of our reclaimed cashmere yarn in 25 different colours! Our yarns are completely zero waste, with dinky wooden spools (yarn holders) made from laser cutting offcuts from the brilliant This is Makers based in the East End of Glasgow (who also do the beautiful etching on them!). Take a look at the video below how our yarn holders/spools are made!

Each spool has 10 metres of 2-ply cashmere yarn which is hand-unravelled by us. See the full collection here or if you’d like to actually hold one in your hand before you buy, the full 25 colour collection is available at Bawn Textiles in the Southside of Glasgow.

Reclaimed cashmere yarns

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