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Second Cashmere



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About this cashmere

Chest measurement: 38 inches

Condition: Good (some signs of mending)

This cashmere has been:

Reconditioned: This piece has been reconditioned using eco-friendly methods in a circular washing system.

Mended: This piece has been invisibly mended by hand, using Swiss darning and 100% reclaimed cashmere yarn.

Why is this piece better than buying new?

Our cashmere collections are secondhand and we use artisanal handcraft to restore them back to their former glory. By choosing to shop secondhand, not only are you helping to divert hundreds of thousands of tonnes of textile waste from UK landfills, recycling and incineration, you’re supporting the revival of traditional mending techniques, while reducing your wardrobe’s dependence on natural resources.


As we stock multiple brands, we always recommend measuring yourself prior to buying from us. Every item lists its chest measurement, however if you require further measurements, please don't hesitate to get contact us here.

Care Instructions

All our collections should be washed by hand or if you trust your washing machine, washed on a cold setting. Make sure you invest in appropriate cashmere detergent. Don't choose spin and dry flat.

Our Process

All of our cashmere is sourced from waste streams and is repaired, reused or revitalised by hand.

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Sustainable retail packaging

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging is sourced from suppliers who specialise in eco-friendly materials and is made from either 100% recycled, recyclable and/or compostable materials. We choose not to print directly onto our packaging, instead using a custom made stamp with vegan-friendly ink, for a more sustainable approach to its disposal. Unless you would like to keep hold of your box or postage bag for storage, all our packaging should and can be recycled - so be sure to!