We are Second Cashmere

We handpick, restore and reinvent discarded cashmere to create zero waste luxury collections that don’t cost the earth.

Luxury Labels

Luxury labels to write home about.

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Upcycled + Visible Mends

Designs reimagined with repair.

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Reclaimed Cashmere Yarns

Unraveled and Wound by Hand

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Our collections champion a circular economy, sourcing cashmere from textile recyclers to reenter it into the world anew as reclaimed yarns, original collections and restored cashmere knitwear from celebrated brands.  Our Story >

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Mending the clothes you already own is the best way to create a sustainable wardrobe and when it comes to cashmere, this couldn’t be more true. Discover our upcoming workshops and learn how to reinvigorate your knitwear from home.

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Join us throughout the year for a full calendar of events, from pop ups and fashion shows, to shopping and more.

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Want to learn more about what we do and why? Visit our Journal to find out more.

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By choosing waste cashmere we reduce our dependence on the natural world, while rescuing and reusing valuable resources from textile recycling and landfill. Sustainability >