Our process is at the forefront of our mission. From the way we source our cashmere, to how we restore and reuse each and every piece, we are completely transparent. By doing so, we want to show everyone how waste clothing and textiles can be reused and reinvented so that nothing goes to landfill.

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Step One: Sourcing

Our cashmere collections are sourced from textile recyclers in the UK. We hand sort reams of cashmere garments and fabrics selected based on key principles; quality, brand and condition.

Step Two: Reconditioning

We work closely with environmentally-friendly cleaning specialists to recondition and restore our garments using sustainable, circular dry cleaning methods.

Step Three: Repairing // Upcycling

Some of our pieces need to be carefully mended or upcycled prior to joining our collection. This we do by hand, using reclaimed cashmere yarn from garments we can’t restore.

Deconstruction // Unravelling

For those pieces we can’t restore we deconstruct or unravel them to produce reclaimed cashmere fabric for our Cashmere Originals and Cashmere Yarn Collections.

infographic of our production process

Our Cycle

To better illustrate our approach, we created this simple little graphic which lays out every step of our process.


Cleaning Cashmere

The chemicals used in dry cleaning have been reported to have an impact on the health of both our planet and the people who are exposed to them on a regular basis. Perchloroethylene or ‘perc’ is the most widely used solvent for commercial dry-cleaning in the UK and is extremely effective at getting rid of stains. However if not managed and disposed of correctly, studies have found that prolonged exposure to perc can lead to different cancers and health conditions, as well as harming the environment by poisoning soils, plants and damaging the ozone layer.
As dry cleaning plays an important part in restoring our cashmere, we looked to find methods that avoided perc, landing on hydrocarbon cleaning in a circular system that recycles water, waste, and chemicals. Not only is hydrocarbon cleaning more eco-friendly than perc, but it also achieves similar cleaning results and is much gentler on cashmere. Our garments are also treated with ozone, another eco-friendly alternative to perc, that destroys smells, germs, bacteria and other contaminants – which for restoring some secondhand clothing, can be really helpful.
We work closely with award-winning, environmental cleaning and fashion rental specialists ACS Clothing who have adopted circular systems by not only reusing wastewater, materials and chemicals from their processes but by extending the life of clothing of brands from all over the UK through mending and effective cleaning.