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How to Shop for Sustainable Cashmere

A lot of time, resources and effort go into creating cashmere clothes. Whether you focus on the natural resources that fuel the industry, or the level of skill and time taken to produce high-quality pieces, there are plenty of elements that contribute to its more exclusive price tag.

However, if you’ve been following along with the work that we do, you’ll know that cashmere is now commonplace in fast fashion and budget retailers and its mass production has put pressure on the eco-systems and communities behind its success. To find out more about this, we suggest casting your eye on our last post ‘What Makes Fast Fashion Cashmere Unsustainable?’.

While we’re all about raising awareness, we don’t want to come across all doom and gloom so we wanted to share a few tips on how best you can shop for more sustainable cashmere.

1) Shop secondhand

Shopping secondhand is singlehandedly one of the most effective ways to shop more sustainably for cashmere (and clothes in general). By choosing secondhand you’re reducing your wardrobe’s dependence on the natural world and switching it to a resource that is abundant – waste! While secondhand cashmere can be a bit hit and miss, there are a growing number of fantastic brands that sell beautifully cared for secondhand cashmere that is suitable for all budgets and that includes us! Shop our collection >

2) Shop less, choose well

This applies to all the clothes we buy but if you’re in the market for brand new cashmere, not only should you do your research about where’s best to buy, you should expect to pay more. Buying new cashmere shouldn’t be an impulse buy and you should look out for brands who are actively promoting better sustainability in the sector, as well as those who celebrate its heritage and craft. While cashmere is relatively more expensive than other fibres, no matter where you choose to buy it, you should expect to pay a minimum of £100 for a new cashmere jumper (at least!) as cashmere should always be seen as a luxury item, so you should absolutely shop for it that way (read why – here!).

3) Look for accredidation

There are lots of brands and several organisations that are making waves in cashmere’s sustainability sector including the likes of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) and The Good Cashmere Standard. Both organisations work across the international cashmere supply chain to promote better sustainability within the sector from animal welfare and ecology through to farming and processing. These groups are extremely important and have been paramount in galvanising the industry to pursue more sustainable practices. We are BIG fans!

4) Take care of your cashmere

Last but not least, why shop at all when you revive what you already have? We know, we know, this isn’t quite what you want to read when you’re looking for sustainable shopping tips, but when it comes to ensuring the cashmere you buy and own is sustainable, one of the first things you should do is make sure that the cashmere you own (if you have some) is looked after. From washing it using the correct detergent to getting holes professionally mended and appropriate summer storage, there are several straightforward tricks you can do to make your cashmere last – discover these tricks here. When cared for correctly, cashmere can last generations!

Happy shopping and if you’d like any advice on how to shop for sustainable cashmere (not just from our collections), don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be more than happy to help!

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