New In // Cashmere Accessories + At Home Collections

New In // Cashmere Accessories + At Home Collections

Now that winter is well and truly on its way, we want to take a moment to introduce you to our newest Cashmere Original designs. After the success of last year’s hot water bottle covers, we’ve added 4 new items to our collections; beanie hats, scarves and sleep masks.

All are made entirely from deconstructed cashmere garments that we were unable to mend, as well being handmade in Scotland by our lovely team here at Second Cashmere.

Cashmere Beanie Hats + Scarves

Our reclaimed cashmere beanie hats are handmade from two layers of sumptuous cashmere fabric, are gender neutral and designed to fit heads of different sizes. We are offering our beanie hat in 12 different shades to suit everyone.

Our reclaimed cashmere scarves are also double-layered, with each design using blocks of unified colour to create big and beautiful scarves that are 1.5m long (so you won’t have to worry about this cold!). Much like our cashmere beanie hats, our scarves come in a fixed number of shades, however due to the nature of working with waste textiles, each design is entirely unique, be that via colour or details.

Cashmere Sleep Masks, Scrunchies + Hot Water Bottle Covers

Luxury designs for a comfy-cosy sleep. Alongside our popular reclaimed cashmere hot water bottle covers, we have now welcomed a new range of reclaimed cashmere sleep masks. Oversized for the extra comfort, each mask is also handmade in Scotland from reclaimed cashmere and comes with it’s own little travel bag so you can take it away with you on your travels.

We’ve also delved into the world of the scrunchy, making use of any leftover scrap cashmere to create soft and luxurious hair accessories that don’t pull your hair when you take them out.

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