Repair season is here!

Repair season is here!

Winter 22/23 is behind us and it's time to pack our cashmere away. If you're anything like us, you absolutely live in cashmere during the chilly months, so while you're putting it away, you might expect to find a hole or two...

With this in mind, we have decided to give summer a bit of a re-brand, naming it 'Repair Season' in order to inspire our community of avid cashmere wearers to get proactive with their knitwear repair.

For those who of you who are based in our hometown of Glasgow and want to learn how to repair your cashmere yourself, we have a little programme of knitwear repair workshops that we'll be hosting at Bawn Textiles in the south of the city in the upcoming months. Find out more >

Cashmere Repair Workshops

If you already know your stuff and want to get started on your repairs in the comfort of your own home, we now have 37 different shades of Reclaimed Cashmere Yarns. Whether you're looking for an exact match or want your mend to stand out with a pop of colour, take a look at our Reclaimed Cashmere Yarn Collection here.

Reclaimed Cashmere Yarns

For those of you who simply don't have the time, or can't think of anything worse that mending, we have just relaunched our Cashmere Repair Service - offering visible, invisible and disguised mending for knitwear of all shapes and sizes (not exclusive to cashmere!). 

Cashmere Repair Service

So whether you're looking to your summer, AKA Repair Season, for long stays in warm places, or as an opportunity to get creative and/or learn something completely new, our workshops, cashmere yarns and Cashmere Repair Services are available whenever you're ready.

* We will say one thing though. Come September, there is always a mad rush with our Cashmere Repair Service, so if you're looking to get your cashmere repaired by us, be sure to make an enquiry, sooner rather than later.

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