We Love Visible Mending!

We Love Visible Mending!

We all know by now that the most sustainable clothes out there are the ones you already own and how it's really important, for planet and people, that you make the most and look after them. This could mean anything from making sure you're washing them at the right temperature to storing them safely and repairing them when they need it. 

Visible mends

It's no secret that cashmere is susceptible to holes and wear and tear. It's a soft but fine fibre and if you want to bathe in the joys of wearing it season after season, you're going to have to get to grips with repairing it once in a while.

A lot of the cashmere we source has holes... Of course it does! We source it from piles of thrown away textiles! And while our go-to has always been invisible or disguised repair, we have recently decided to get creative with our repairs and branch out with some visible mending. 

Visible mending was made popular by the fantastic Orsola de Castro and Collingwood-Norris who showed us that repair doesn't always have to be about disguise. It can be celebrated and turned into something really rather beautiful. So we thought... why not?! Let's give it a try! So we popped all the pieces that had great big holes to one side and started experimenting. We then got our first few online, alongside our upcycled pieces to see how they fared. So far, so good!


Visibly darned socks, photo taken from the Collingwood-Norris Website

We'd love to know what you think. Do you love visible repair? Or are you more of an out of sight, out of mind repairer? 

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