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Second Cashmere



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A zero-waste luxury mending solution.

Our reclaimed cashmere yarn is unraveled by hand and is sourced from pure cashmere garments that can’t be refurbished or reinvented. 

We unpick garments and unravel the yarn course-by-course to strip each piece back to basics to create long lengths of beautiful, 100% reclaimed cashmere yarn.

Our cashmere yarn is a nod to the different ways our wardrobes can become zero waste and how, with a bit of innovative thinking, we can transform textile waste into a valuable and creative resource. Each spool is made from engraved poplar and is a beautiful stand alone object in any repair kit or sewing box.

  • Approximately 2/28nm

  • 2-ply yarn 

  • Made from 100% pure reclaimed cashmere fibre 

  • Perfect for mending and upcycling projects

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Sustainable retail packaging

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging is sourced from suppliers who specialise in eco-friendly materials and is made from either 100% recycled, recyclable and/or compostable materials. We choose not to print directly onto our packaging, instead using a custom made stamp with vegan-friendly ink, for a more sustainable approach to its disposal. Unless you would like to keep hold of your box or postage bag for storage, all our packaging should and can be recycled - so be sure to!